The Gift: A First Publishing Holiday Special

    (First, 1990)
ô and © First Comics, Inc. and Star*Reach Productions

This 1990 graphic novel features most of Firstís characters popular at that time, including Nexus, Dreadstar, Grimjack, and Badger. In the multi-dimensional city of Cynosure, the god-like being Dys tries to decide between giving the universe a fresh start, or just simply pulling the plug. To explore his options, Dys assaults a unique boy named Zak, scattering his multiple souls across the various realities of the multiverse. The souls gather and return with a collection of heroes and their friends. But by now, bereft of all his souls, young Zak is dying. The assembled heroes are faced with two moral dilemmas: Would any of them sacrifice their own soul to save the boy? And is all of Reality worth more than any one person?

Features work by several artists and writers. Unfortunately, the various segments seem poorly integrated, and in the end, Dysí indecision is never truly resolved.

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NNDavid Barbour, John Ostrander, Mike Baron, Peter David, Stefan Petrucha, Kim YaleHugh Haynes, Joe Staton, Scot Eaton, Steven Butler, Tim Vigil, Tom Sutton, Gary Amaro, Flint Henry