The Transformers: Headmasters

    (Marvel, 1987-1988)
and 1987 Hasbro, Inc.

The peaceful planet Nebulos, seemed to be an ideal haven for Fortress Maximus and his fellow Autobots as they sought refuge from the constant war that raged on their homeworld, Cybertron. But they did not count on the natural suspicion and xenophobia that most people feel for the unknown and unfamiliar, especially if that suspicion can be utilized by unscrupulous officials for their own ends. Lord Zarak is just such an official.

The Decepticons of Cybertron are not content to simply allow the Autobots to emigrate. And that attitude is just what Lord Zarak expects to use when he contacts Cybertron with information of the Autobots location. That may be a tact that Zarak will regret unless selected citizens of Nebulos, surgically altered to become The Headmasters, prevail.

This toy-based, four-issue limited series is spun off of the popular Transformers, which was based on a line of toy robot action figures that could change to various weapons and vehicles.

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Book #1

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Collects #1-4, Transformers (Vol. 1) #38-39Bob BudianskyFrank Springer