(Alternative, 2000)
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In a moment of introspection, a young man realizes that his connection to his own body and surroundings is just a state of mind, and if he so desires, he can be “One with the Universe.” Unfortunately, while it is his mind that gives him a sense of self, it is his body that is his self. As his awareness expands outward, he realizes that even though he can be part of everything, he is ultimately powerless to affect anything. Luckily, he accepts this as the natural course of things, embracing the motto “Love whatever Life you have.”

From a different, less metaphysical, more cynical point of view, this is just a short story about an unemployed waiter, looking for excuses for not feeling guilty about getting out and getting another job. He can just “love the life he has.”

From James Kochalka, creator of Carrot Boy the Beautiful.

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