I Dream of Jeannie: Tricks and Treats

    (Airwave, 2003)
ô and © Airwave Comics

Jeannie isnít the only one who works magic. Creators Chris Yambar, George Broderick Jr., and Ken Wheaton work their own form of magic on this latest, Halloween-themed I Dream of Jeannie comic book.

Like previous Jeannie comics, this one has been carefully crafted to appeal to a broad audience. Kids and adults, fans and non-fans of the classic TV show, and readers of mainstream and independent comics alike will all find this to be a very funny and easily understood effort. Emulating the work of the late Dan DeCarlo, Yambarís story and Broderick and Wheatonís art make this comic book very difficult not to like. This is especially true, when Jeannieís master offhandedly wishes he could have played a part in the old monster movies and Jeannie obliges him and sends him on a comic journey where he ends up on the run as Frankensteinís monster and scaling the Empire State Building as King Kong. Two other shorter stories that round out the issue are no less hilarious.

Not a trick in the bag, people. Donít just dream of Jeannie. Buy it.

ó Jim Johnson

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 Chris YambarGeorge Broderick Jr.

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Signed by Ken Wheaton; C.O.A. AttachedChris YambarGeorge Broderick Jr.