Hot Shots: Avengers

 HOSA   (Marvel, 1995)

ô and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group

This poster book features illustrations of some of the most popular characters from Marvel Comicsí Avengers series. All of the illustrations feature one or more heroes and/or villains, painted by some of todayís hottest artists.

The Hulk, Dr. Pym, and the Wasp are done by John Estes, while Dr. Doom and Iron Man are painted by Ken Steacy. Ken Barr is responsible for Thor, while the Captain America rendering was done by Mike Vosburg. Bill Sienkiewicz does an eerie version of Loki, and Jeff Johnson depicts Captain America fighting with Crossbones. Earl Noremís painting of the original four Avengers carrying a frozen Hulk is the biggest. Colin MacNeilís cover from the modern Tales of Suspense (Vol. 3) #1 is also included, as is Joe Juskoís version of Thor. Last but certainly not least, is painter Alex Rossí rendition of Giant Man.

Hot Shots premiered in October of 1995.

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Pin-ups; One-shotPeter SandersonAlex Ross, Bill Sienkiewicz, Colin MacNeil, Earl Norem, Jeff Johnson, Joe Jusko, John Estes, Ken Barr, Ken Steacy, Mike Vosburg, Mike Zeck