Prometheus (Villains)

    (DC, 1998)
™ and © DC Comics

A single-issue story revealing the origin of the character Prometheus and serving as a lead-in to a “JLA” story, “Prometheus” was part of DC’s “New Year’s Evil” event. Grant Morrison—the regular writer of “JLA”—described the villain as the “anti-Batman.” Prometheus’s “birth” is eerily similar to that iconic character’s own origin. Both were shattered by the violent deaths of their parents, both vowed to fight against the forces responsible for those deaths, both trained themselves to achieve those goals with unwavering dedication. The difference, as we see in this issue, is that Prometheus is pursuing the utter annihilation of “justice.” The parallels between the two characters are apparent from the start and the reader is left with great anticipation for the inevitable conflict between the classic crimefighter and the upstart villain. Like his namesake, Prometheus is attempting to steal fire from the “gods” of the DC Universe.

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