Nightveil’s Cauldron of Horror

    (AC, 1989-1991)
™ 1989 Americomics, © AC Comics

Tying into the story lines of FemForce, Nightveil struggles to understand her Cloak of Darkness and prepares for the coming of The Black Shroud.

Bill Black has written an interesting wrap around story, which not only readers of FemForce will enjoy, but nostalgia buffs will find entertaining as well. Norman Hardy Jr.’s pencil-work is as wonderful as ever, but the main plots receive added boosts from reprinted classic horror stories coming from the 1950s. Such greats as Bob Powell, Joe Kubert, and Wallace Wood are examples of art and story that still attract readers to this day.

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Reprints; B&WBill BlackBob Powell, Joe Kubert, Norman Hardy Jr., Wally Wood


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Reprints; B&WMark HeikeBill Marimon, John Bell, Bob Powell, Joe Kubert


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B&WBill BlackDick Ayers