Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive

 SMSO   (Marvel, 2002)

™ and ©2002 Marvel Characters, Inc.

After finishing his latest murder for hire, Victor Creed, the mutant better known as Sabretooth, stumbles onto someone else's job happening at the same time in the same building. Just to mess with the assassins, Creed abducts the killers’ target, a beautiful young woman named Bonnie Hale. He suddenly finds himself the target of an entire team of assassins, one of whom tells him that Hale is carrying a plague. If she is not killed, in 72 hours she will wipe out the entire continent.

Having formed a bond with Bonnie, Creed immediately goes after the truth. What he discovers could endanger the entire world. Will an amoral killer like Sabretooth choose to save one life, or the life of millions?

Dan Jolley’s ultraviolent script is perfectly complimented by Greg Scott’s dark and moody art. If you are not a Sabretooth fan, this mini-series will not change your mind. If you are, it’s quite the skin-ripping treat.

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