Nightmare (Alex Niño’s…)

    (Innovation, 1989)
™ and © 1989 The Innovative Corporation

From the pen of renowned comic book artist Alex Niño comes the four issue creator owned mini-series Nightmare. Capitalizing on the artist’s bizarre, yet trademark illustrations and an equally strange plotline, Niño creates a world where reality is shaped by one’s own imagination—a world beyond your wildest dreams.

Peter Alex Nemo is a psychologist who uses rather unorthodox methods to help his patients conquer their fears. After a typical office session, Nemo (known in the dream world as Nightmare) slips through the veil of dreams and investigates the psychological terror surrounding his patients’ slumber. Transforming into what is necessary in order to accomplish his mission—a monster, a shadow, a human emotion—the young doctor inevitably takes the shape of something he never once thought he would be: a hero.

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