BUR2   (COMICO, 1988)

™ and ©1988 Dean Allen Schreck and Gene Colan

Bloodscent is a full color series that was intended to keep people awake at night, afraid to sleep because of the ghastly things that might happen to them. In the first issue a homicidal psychopath runs into a forest after being spotted while committing a murder. Feeling invulnerable, the killer thinks that if he is caught by the man pursuing him, he will simply kill again. But this killer has more to fear than a mere human pursuer. As he flees, a strange mist materializes around him. The mist materializes into bats, and then into a wolf, and then into two vampires: a man and a woman. As he stares into the eyes of death, the killer learns what it feels like to be hunted down and murdered.

Comico introduced Bloodscent—A Tale of Modern Terror in 1988. The series written by Dean Allen Schreck and illustrated by Gene Colan (Tomb of Dracula).

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Introduction by Tom SaviniDean Allen SchreckBernie Mireault, Gene Colan