Femforce Features—Giantess

 FEML   (AC, 2004)

™ Americomics, © AC Comics

Those fabulous fantastic ladies of the hour who protect humanity from any or all dangers that befall it, and do it in skintight outfits that leave little to the imagination, are here again. Femforce Features is designed to run on alternate months with Femforce. First on the hit parade—the rather large girls of the team are featured in these stories highlighting their rather unique abilities and size changing powers. Future issues will focus on other members of the team.

Femforce may appear to be a mere t–and–a series created only to titillate and tease adolescence minds, but they do it so well that the series actually has developed some interesting plots, characters, and a fan base that’s hanging on to every issue.

— Ron Black

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Reprint Jungle Girls #4, 10, Good Girl Art Quartely #19, Wild Women #1Bill Black, Brad GorbyErik Coile, Vic Bridges, Dick Ayers, Stephanie Heike, Brad Gorby