Blonde Avenger One-Shot Special: The Spying Game

 BAOG   (Blitz Weasel, 1996)

™ and © I.C. Graphics/BlitzWeasel Studios

A parody of…something, the Blonde Avenger finds herself working with a British secret intelligence service made up almost entirely of transvestites. Together, she and super spy Jayne Blond must stop a madman who’s stolen the plans for a doomsday cannon. They end up naked at several points in the adventure, and more than one secret is revealed at the end.

Blonde Avenger is the creation of model Cindy Johns, who got into a legal fight with Brainstorm Comics over nonpayment. Thus, the one-shot was published under the independent I.C. Graphics/Blitz Weasel Studios imprint. It was written by R.A. Jones, with art by P.M. Butler.

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Adult; B&WDave R., R.A. JonesP.M. Butler