Conan: The Legend

 CH9X   (Dark Horse, 2003)

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While Conan certainly has his fans in the comic-book world, for the most part they havenít been mainstream (i.e., super-hero) readers, but itís to be hoped this attractive (and inexpensive) introduction to the character will soon change that.

It certainly helps that Busiek plans on hewing close to the Robert E. Howard source material, because, without that connection, Conan can quickly become just a violent repeat offender who doesnít like pants.

Smartly, instead of starting with just another generic Marvel-type adventure (which were, basically just Westerns with the inclusion of a giant spider or gorilla in the third act), it puts the character in the context of the legend he is. And it doesnít hurt one bit that itís drawn by Cary Nord ó sure, itís beautiful, but he also captures the fire that lies under Conanís sullen and stoic exterior. This is a solid opening salvo.

ó S.A. Bennett

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