MAD6   (Kitchen Sink, 1992-1993)

ô and ©1993 Mike Allred
Tudra publishes firs, later printings by Kitchen Sink

Mike Allredís Madman is one of the strongest and strangest comics of the 1990s. Madman is a disturbed young man who goes around in a baggy costume and a mask with the mouth sewed shut. He has an unusual sensitivity that allows him to sense the guilty secrets within people, but his inability to focus and concentrate gets him into all kinds of trouble. Allredís handling of the material maximizes the disturbing qualities of the story, as he abruptly intrudes on an amusing sequence with an intensely violent image, or inserts a subversive element that makes you doubt the entire sense of reality he has created in Madmanís world. This psychotic, detached ambiguity is Madmanís singular achievement and one which gives it a literary gravity that is impossible to ignore.

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Flip-action cornersMike AllredMike Allred

#1 (2nd printing)

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2nd printingMike AllredMike Allred

#1 (3rd printing)

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Kitchen Sink publishesMike AllredMike Allred

#1 Variation A

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Double-acetate cover; Wizard ACE edition #4Mike AllredMike Allred


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 Mike AllredMike Allred


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 Mike AllredMike Allred

Book #1

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The Oddity Odyssey; ca. 1993Mike AllredMike Allred

Book #1 (2nd printing)

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The Oddity Odyssey; Collects seriesMike AllredMike Allred