Graphic Nonfiction: Hernán Cortés

 GNHC   (Rosen, 2005)

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Many factors led to the fall of the Aztec Empire of the Americas. The Aztec made more enemies than friends among their neighbors and had few allies. The arrival of the Europeans coincided with prophesied events, celestial phenomonima, and the beginnings of diseases the North Americans had no defense against. Worst of these was gold lust. People such as Hernán Cortez, trained soldiers and fortune hunters, would not be stopped. Using excuses such as spreading the Gospel of Christ and national expansion, Cortez plowed his way quickly into the heart of the Aztec capitol, Tenochtitlan, where the great empire was brought to its knees in death, subjugation, and illness.

Rosen Publishing continues its publishing of fact filled nonfiction graphic novels with this book on the life of Cortez.

— Ron Black

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