Ebony Warrior

    (ANIA, 1993)
ô and ©1993 Eric Griffin

Komal Jackson graduated with honors in engineering from Tuskegee University. Even though six Fortune 500 companies offered him jobs straight out of college, he decided to go back to his community in Yorktown to work in his fatherís bookstore. He became a volunteer at the community center, taught remedial reading, math, and science, and did everything in his power to help the youth in his community. But no matter what he did, the problems just seemed to become worse. Jackson eventually decided it was time to get to the heart of the problem as the Ebony Warrior.

Ebony Warrior is one of the first books from ANIA, the Association of Black Comic Book Publishers. It comes off as more thoughtful and less macho/boastful than some of its contemporaries. As a result, the social points it makes come across with greater credibility.

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