Wolverine and The Punisher: Damaging Evidence

 WATE   (Marvel, 1993)


It’s been a year since Conchita’s death in the Punisher’s last war with the Kingpin. As an anniversary present, the Punisher has been hitting the Kingpin’s operations with unprecedented ferocity. Most recently, he took down one of the Kingpin’s South American operations, and slew his chief assassin.

Now, the Kingpin decides it’s time to cut his losses. He recruits Pierce and his Reavers to take out the Punisher once and for all. But, as fate would have it, the Reavers are currently engaged in a battle to take down the X-Men’s Wolverine. After defeating one of those high-tech mercenaries, Wolverine learns of the contract out on the Punisher and decides to come to his aid. Thus it’s all the more surprising to him when he discovers that “the Punisher” is not the man he seemed to be when last they met in Hearts of Darkness.

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