Tasty Bits

 TASB   (Avalon, 1999)

™ and © 1999 James O’Barr

Or “nasty” bits, depending on your taste for dark imagery. But fans of James O’Barr, best known for “The Crow,” won’t be disappointed with this collection of short horror and gothic adventure stories. Many of these tales were done pre-Crow—for example, “Upon Thy Belly Thou Shalt Go,” a two-page story done in 1974 when the creator was only 14! There’s also an interesting tale, “Shadows,” from before he’d made a name for himself, involving a warrior, a beautiful woman, and a demon, and then a short story from a Dark Horse anthology published in 1991.

Better yet, half of the book, published in black-and-white by ACG Comics, is pinups, and features such disturbing images as a woman tonguing a skull, one called “Sucking Toe of Jesus” which is aptly named, and several featuring his aforementioned Crow character. Dark and twisted, but with its own kind of beauty, too.

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