Dallas McCoy: Star Struck

 DMSS   (Rorschach, 2005)

™ and © Rorschach Entertainment

There’s nothing better than a tough-talking, gun-toting comic book babe, and the titular character here certainly meets the requirements of the type. Dallas McCoy is a bodyguard, an employee of Empire Securities, one of the world’s best protection firms on the planet. She is accustomed to putting her life on the line for political figures, wealthy businessmen—the world’s elite, but now, all of her skills may not be a match for her latest assignment: Celeste Robbins, a bratty pop-star who is being victimized by a vicious stalker. The teen-queen has already gone through a retinue of Empire operatives, and Dallas has little patience for discos and slumber parties. The art in this one-shot is a bit on the crude side, but the story itself is a dead-on solid read.

— Thomas Moudry

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 Amy Riddle, Brian MeredithSidney Lima