The Gajit Gang

    (Amazing, 1987)
™ and ©1987 M.A. Carroll and Marcus Rollie

To most people, it’s an ordinary blender. But to the members of the Gajit Gang, a group of young children who battle injustice and solve crimes wherever they encounter them, it could be a key component of their latest crimefighting invention. And when the five-kid team assembles, no force seems too great. Between “Mr. Keen’s” brilliance, Victor’s wealth, Rusty’s ingenuity, Eclipse’s brawn, and Ellen’s resourcefulness, they’ve got everything they need to emerge triumphant—and be home in time for dinner, of course.

Part Richie Rich and part Encyclopedia Brown, this whimsical title is published in black-and-white.

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 Michael Anthony CarrollMarcus Rollie