Faze One Fazers

    (AC, 1985-1986)
™ Americomics, ©1986 AC Comics

This mini-series reaches its climax with the Fazers team on the planet Lizzar, preparing to do battle against the Supreme, intergalactic despot. Can they prevail when the Supreme controls the mind of Dr. Faze, father of the Fazers? Perhaps Sting, half-human, half-Lizzarian can tip the scales in the favor of the Fazers.

Veteran Erik Larson (Punisher, Savage Dragon) inks this comic, and though he’s come a long way since this was published (1986), his talent still manages to show through an otherwise derivative cliché of a comic.

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ca. 1985Vic Bridges, Bill BlackVic Bridges


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 Vic Bridges, Bill BlackVic Bridges


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ca. 1986Vic Bridges, Bill Black, Leo LaneyVic Bridges


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ca. 1986Leo Laney, Vic BridgesErik Larsen