Exciting X-Patrol

    (Amalgam, 1997)
ô and ©1997 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics

The Amalgam experiment in 1996 proved so successful that Marvel and DC undertook another batch of titles in 1997 featuring more character conglomerations.

The primary components of the characters in this book originated in X-Factor and The Teen Titans, with elements of Dial H For Hero, the original X-Men, and The Avengers. The Brood (a swarm of Aliens-type creatures that originally opposed the X-Men) are the primary villains in this sprawling tale, which also manages to include references to characters as varied as Prez and The Micronauts. Niles Cable, a refugee from a Brood-ridden future, established the X-Patrol to stop the Brood, but is now tortured by the mistrust between the super-heroes. If that wasnít bad enough, he also carries within him the same techno-virus as carried by Cable of Marvelís X-Force.

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 Barbara KeselBryan Hitch