I, Paparazzi

 IPAP   (Vertigo, 2001)

™ and ©2001 Pat McGreal, Stephen John Phillips, Steven Park

(from the publisher)

This hallucinatory, psychological thriller recounts one night in the life of “Monster” McGowran, one of New York City’s paparazzi. A night that takes a left turn into weirdness when he’s beaten to a pulp by the bodyguards of an inscrutable young movie star. But when Monster plans his revenge, he accidentally uncovers something strange, horrifying and not meant to be discovered.

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2 copies available from $9.99
ca. 2003Pat McGrealStephen John Phillips, Steven Parke

#1 Hardcover

2 copies available from $9.99
 Pat McGrealStephen John Phillips, Steven Parke