Red Heat

 REDH   (Blackthorne, 1988)

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This is Blackthorneís one issue adaptation of Walter Hillís 1988 action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi.

In the good olí USSR, there are many of the same problems we have in other countries. Drug dealers push their product and cops get killed trying to stop them. Captain Danko of the Moscow District Militia is sent to the United States of America in order to bring back the drug dealer who shot his partner. Detective Ridzikís partner is killed during an escape attempt and together Danko and Ridzik track down the murderer, stop the drug shipment, and come to understand each otherís world a little bit better.

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2 copies available from $0.99
Movie adaptation; B&WJohn StephensonAbel Laxamana

#1 3-D Edition

6 copies available from $1.95
Movie adaptationJohn StephensonAbel Laxamana