Phantom 2040

    (Marvel, 1995)
™ The Hearst Corporation. ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group

Begun in 1995 as the companion to a children’s animated series, Phantom 2040 continues the legend of the Ghost That Walks. The lead character is Kit Walker, son of the 23rd person to wear the mask of the Phantom since the tradition began some five hundred years earlier. He assumed the role he was destined to play when a man named Guran gave him a ring which belonged to his long-lost father and then led him to a secret jungle hideout in the midst of the high-tech metropolis where Kit lives.

There Kit learned of his ancestry—how long ago, a man had donned the mask of the Phantom in order to wage war on pirates. Over the years, the role was passed on from father to son, but the lineage had been disrupted when Kit’s father disappeared in 2024. Now, however, Kit has assumed the role of the 24th Phantom, and is called on to fight more modern sorts of pirates—those who victimize others using computers and high-tech weaponry.

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