Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus

 FOTP   (Caliber, 1994, 2008)

™ and © 1994 Caliber Comics
Hardcover by Dark Horse

This color one-shot from Caliber Press is a faithful adaptation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 novel. Consumed with discovering the secret of life, young Victor Frankenstein cobbles together a creature from dead bodies; but once it has been brought to life, the obsessed scientist rejects it as a thing of evil. This rejections sets in motion all the events of the remainder of the story: every tragedy that befalls Victor, his friends, and his family stems from his refusal to take responsibility for his creation.

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 Eric JacksonCharles Yates

#1 Variation A

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Hardcover; Published by Dark HorseEric JacksonCharles Yates