Heru, Son of Ausar

 HSOA   (ANIA, 1993)

ô and ©1993 Roger Barnes Publishing

As told in an ancient Egyptian legend, the jealous snake-like Seth killed the sun-god Ausar, cut his body into fourteen parts, and threw the pieces into the fourteen corners of the world. His grieving wife, Aset, searched for the pieces of her dead husband and lovingly put him back together again. When she laid down exhausted by her husbandís body, she became pregnant with Heru. She gave him to the people of Kemet, an old African empire along the banks of the Nile River. This title brings the classic African mythology into the world of comics, as Heru, blessed with a few gifts from his father, such as the ability to communicate with animals and to blast enemies away with a gaze from his eyes, renews his fatherís pledge to guard the people who raised him against the evil Seth.

This comic was one of the premiere titles from ANIA, the Association of Black Comic Book Publishers.

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