Freak Out on Infant Earths

    (Blackthorne, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Don Chin and Herb Wood

This black-and-white title pokes fun at the big-time company-wide crossovers of the mid-1980s—Crisis on Infinite Earths and Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. A cosmic barbarian called Lockjaws has overthrown myriad worlds, and a galactic watchdog called the Janitor isn’t going to sit still for this sort of onslaught. So, he calls to his space station a cadre of super-heroes—Sgt. Rucker, Arrowman, and Joe Ninja from the present; Gorr from ancient Egypt; Slugger Luzinski and the Metal Cowboy from the future. Also among them is Air Girl, Water Woman, Fire Fury, and Blue Bonnet from a secret Amazon island; Canine the Barbarian and the Toad Warrior from the planet High Bore-Ya; and Death, Jr. from the Netherworld. Their mission: take down Lockjaws and his mighty minions. And what do these dauntless do-gooders get for their services? Why, a new car, of course!

Fun stuff from Don Chin, Herb Wood, and the folks at Blackthorne Publishing!

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