The Acid Bath Case

    (Kitchen Sink, 1992)
ô and ©1992 Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.

In post-WWII America, the populace seeks ďthe good lifeĒ with soon-to-become-standard novelties such as television, 3D movies, and sports hero worship. In the story, set during this time, a monstrous serial killerís heinous acts hold a fearful nation captive to his madness. The murderous spree continues in the tough city safeguarded by hardboiled Detective Nat Slammer.

Artist Kellie Stromís adept use of shaded images reproduces Slammerís black-and-white perception of the world. Shades of gray do not exist and do not have substance. Slammer endures corruption, cover-ups, indifferences, a bad diet, and revolting crime scenes on his unholy quest. What he ultimately discovers will shock you, horrify you, and maybe even amuse you.

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 Stephen WalshKellie Strom