Magic: The Gathering—Wayfarer

    (Armada, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1995 Wizards of the Coast

This series takes place following Magic: The Gathering—The Shadow Mage, which ended with the conflict between the Battlemage Ravidel, and the Shadow Mage Jared Carthalion. The Shadow Mage then set off on his own, wandering the earth and finding his way alone.

So, like Clint Eastwood in countless westerns, the Shadow Mage is the battle-scarred drifter who wanders into a town and finds seemingly everyone plotting to kill him. Fights ensue, bars get wrecked, but Our Hero eventually does get that drink that he came into town for in the first place—even if the room around him is piled high with bodies.

Obviously, this state of affairs could not continue forever, and it’s with some relief that we find Kristina of the Woods offering to teach him to control his amazing powers, and to become a planeswalker. This series chronicles that transformation.

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