G.I. Joe and the Transformers

    (Marvel, 1987, 2003)
™ and ©1987 HASBRO, Inc.

This four-issue mini-series features two successful toy lines who have also proven surprisingly popular as comic books.

The G.I. Joes, stars of their series G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero, have been stationed at Fort Lewis, Seattle, Washington at the site of the world’s first mobile solar/nuclear power station. As expected, trouble shows up in the form of Torch and his gang of gun-slinging bikers who bust in and nearly take a congressman hostage. The Joes stop the attack, but others had plans on the station as well. The good Transformers—the Autobots—decided to stand guard in case the Decepticons (the evil Transformers) decided to hijack the station. Unfortunately, even as the Autobots discovered the Decepticons’ presence on the base, the Joes discovered the Autobots. Having never met before, they assumed the Autobots were the enemy, and attacked them. But even as they did battle, the Decepticons appeared to make off with the station!

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Collects G.I. Joe and the Transformers #1-4 and G.I. Joe, a Real American Hero #139-142; Published by IDW; ca. 2012Michael HigginsHerb Trimpe