JALI   (AK, 2003)

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Thanks to a special suit created by her father, young Ansam was the only survivor of a nuclear blast that effectively ended the devastating 55 Years War. Years later, Ansam struggles to finish her deceased parents’ work - the development of a protective energy shield that would encompass the entire City of All Faiths.

But her scientific research is not her only mission in life. Having gained amazing abilities from the effects of the nuclear radiation, Ansam, as the heroine Jalila, also battles the destructive forces that continue to undermine the peace and safety of her Middle Eastern home.

But despite her knowledge and power, Jalila is still only human, with all-too-human problems. Will she be able to reconcile her duties to the City of All Faiths with her family obligations, especially when she discovers that her own brother may belong to an enemy faction?

— Joseph Self

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 Ayman KandeelR.V. Valdez


1 copy available for $2.95
 Faye PerozichTravis Moore