Neuro Jack

    (Big, 1996)
™ and © 1996 Big Entertainment, Inc.

What could be bigger than the World Wide Web? How about an Internet—the ’Net—that connects worlds, thousands of them, across the galaxy? This particular ’Net has rulers, though, in a race called Ghomans that controls it absolutely. Well, absolutely that is except for one man, a freedom fighter of sorts named Neuro Jack, who—his body destroyed—downloaded his consciousness into the electronic world of the ’Net and uses the vast resources there to fight the Ghomans. Although, they are not without resources of their own, devising various means to fight Jack. But how do you stop a ghost?

Published by BIG Entertainment Interactive, this tale of a “cyber-fugitive” is done in full color with entirely digital art. Appropriate, considering the setting.

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All-digital artErika Taguchi, James ChambersErika Taguchi