(Silverwolf, 1987)
™ and © 1986 Silverwolf Comics

Samuel Gamble was changing a flat tire on the side of the road when a high-speed chase ended in death for the pursued as well as the pursuer. The chase car went over a cliff but a large tree abruptly stopped the other car. Gamble rushed to the aid of the occupants though it was too late for two of them. A woman in the back seat survived long enough to entrust him with an object apparently worth dying for–a mysterious egg.

Back at his apartment, Gamble considered his options. This is an egg that someone will soon be looking for, but he has a few more options than most because he is the hero known as Port. He can travel almost instantaneously from one point to another…which makes one wonder why he bothered to change a flat tire.

This title was one of several published by Silverwolf during the heady black and white boom of the mid 1980s.

— George Haberberger

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