Love Bomb

    (Abaculus, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Paul B. Rainey

Life in Victoria, England can be dull, but there’s always the occasional space alien or severed head to spice things up. In a series of one-page shorts and longer stories, a small cast of characters experiences all sorts of strange occurrences. There’s young Barry, forced to go on a fishing trip with his step dad. But he’s not there for a little father and son bonding; he’s trying to fulfill the request of a severed head who wants to be returned to the sea. Then there’s the story of four friends who meet an annoying alien with an enormous appetite for lager. They soon discover, however, that getting rid of an alien is harder than it looks. Although the incidents are bizarre, the characters and their experiences are real enough making this a funny, off-beat, black-and-white comic.

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