(Dark Horse, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Daiei Co., Ltd.

Gamera flies, breathes fire and does battle with Viras, a monstrous squid like creature with a beak like a parrot. Pretty impressive for a giant…turtle. Perhaps the most outrageous character of the movie-monster genre, Gamera’s battles tend to destroy large amounts of real estate, much like his theatrical predecessor, Godzilla and is required reading for fans of kaiju. Gamera is a genetically engineered creature created by an ancient race to protect them from other monsters that they also were responsible for. Now the amulet that telepathically controls Gamera has fallen in to the hands of a power-mad woman who is herself merely a pawn in a larger conflict.

This 4-issue mini-series from Dark Horse features Freena, a female alien with an incongruous penchant for earth slang and Mr. Lutz, a pilot who is out of his league when it comes to flying space ships.

— George Haberberger

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5 copies available from $2.95
Versus GyaosDave ChippsMozart Couto


3 copies available from $9.00
 Dave ChippsMozart Couto


1 copy available for $39.99
Versus Zigra and VirasDave ChippsMozart Couto


No copies available
Final IssueDave ChippsMozart Couto, Yuji Kaida