Stewart the Rat

    (About, 2003)
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Most comic book fans are familiar with Steve Gerber’s Howard the Duck—the cigar-chomping misanthrope who ended up with a few Marvel titles of his very own. But not so many know of another Gerber creation, Stewart the Rat, who was more like a one-hit wonder. But this one-hit wonder was in the format of one of the first graphic novels to be published in this country. About Comics recognized this Eclipse Comics masterpiece as a cult classic and now a days hard to find item, so it has re-printed the entire novella here in a double-sized comic book—uncut and without commercial interruption.
Stewart the Rat was once Stewart the Man—a young & brilliant molecular biologist, but a very unhappy introvert. Ultimately he attempts suicide by injecting himself with some experimental genetic goop he made up, but ends up turning himself into a rat instead. But Gerber’s animals always manage to find a sympathetic human to watch out for them. And Stewart repays his benefactor by dueling disco zombies and self-help cultists in Los Angeles.

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Reprints Graphic Novel from 1980 originally published by Eclipse; B&WSteve GerberGene Colan