DOWN   (4Winds, 1989)

ô and ©1989 Edclones Record

Nuclear war has turned the world into a sprawling wasteland where marauding bands of survivors struggle to exist while two super-computers, Neron and Brain, battle for supremacy. But hope is born in a woman named Safari. Armed with explosive weaponry and her teddy bear, Safari is determined to avenge her parentís death by destroying the evil machines.

While Safari fights her war, a former slave named Rust, leader of the Hunters, looks for someone to succeed him so that Rustís army can continue to combat the computers. However, Rustís adopted son Ransom, has a lot to learn before he can replace his father. Perhaps, Safari will teach him a few lessons along the way.

This science-fiction epic, is presented in an American version by E. Balcarce, Charles Dixon (Birds of Prey), and Timothy Truman (Creature Commandos) based on the original by E. Balcarce and J. Zanotto (New York: Year Zero).

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