Justice Leagues: Justice League of Arkham

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

The fourth installment of the Justice Leagues “event” picks up where Justice Leagues: Justice League of Atlantis leaves off. With the Justice League of America forgotten—even by the heroes of the DC Universe, the Advance Man’s preparations for his mysterious client Plura’s arrival on Earth continue. They threaten the entire Eastern seaboard with the promise of a toxic cloud that will destroy all life from Gotham City to Miami, leading Batman and Nightwing to recruit their own JLA from their whacked-out rogues gallery: the Joker, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Riddler, and Scarface. Is it wise for the Dark Knight and his longtime ally to take a team of their most nefarious foes on a mission of such significance? Find out in this adventure that introduces yet another JLA—the Justice League of Adventure, which consists of the Flash, Mister Miracle, the Black Canary, Beast Boy, and the Atom. Looks like there must be a Justice League in the DCU.

George Perez (Avengers, New Teen Titans, Wonder Woman) offers up another exquisite cover, and the fun continues in Justice Leagues: Justice League of Aliens.

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