Wonder Woman: Amazonia

    (DC, 1997)
™ and © DC Comics

This unusual Elseworlds tale—unusual insofar as it’s presented in a rare graphic-novel sized format—puts the Wonder Woman characters in Victorian England, but not any Victorian England you’d recognize. In this world, England is wildly advanced in technology (and the tools of warfare), and is ruled by a misogynist American. This mad king’s dreams of world conquest hinge on an absolutely pathological drive to subjugate women, and to steal the power of the mightiest female of them all: the mysterious “Wonder Woman,” sideshow freak and downtrodden wife of ex-English airman Steve Trevor. It’s high adventure, spanning from the back alleys of seediest old London-town to the storied halls of a destroyed Paradise Island. Cross Gotham By Gaslight with Luther Arkwright and throw in a little From Hell for good measure, and you’ve got a sense of what this bizarre (yet highly entertaining) tale has to offer.

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