Machine Man (Ltd. Series)

 MAML   (Marvel, 1984–1985, 1989)

™ and ©1984 Marvel Entertainment Group

This series begins in the year 2020 when the disassembled body of Machine Man is discarded as refuse by a service robot at the Baintronics Company. It is recovered and reassembled by a group of “midnight wreckers”— scavengers who illegally build and sell robots on the black market. (Baintronics had acquired a government monopoly on robots, following the anti-robot riots of the late 1990s.)

Machine Man lives again, but he soon discovers that he is not alone: Susan Bain, his nemesis from the first series, is now the head of Baintronics. For her, Machine Man is a memory best left buried—permanently. And she’s willing to use her vast army of robotic death-dealers to ensure that her wishes are carried out.

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 Tom DeFalcoHerb Trimpe


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1st Appearance of Iron Man 2020; 1st Appearance of Iron Man 2020 (Arno Stark)Tom DeFalcoBarry Windsor-Smith, Herb Trimpe


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Book #1

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Collects Machine Man (Ltd. Series) #1–4Barry Windsor-Smith, Tom DeFalcoBarry Windsor-Smith, Herb Trimpe