BLEA   (Slave Labor, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Basilio Amaro

Bleat was produced by San Jose’s own Basilio Amaro and represents the results of ten years’ worth of “goofing off, getting fat, hour upon hour of golfing, watching insipid television, and endless days of aimlessly driving the backroads of our fair state.”

This black-and-white comic dishes up healthy doses of sarcasm along with enough good humor to make the whole thing go down easily. Highlights include “Little Latte: The Beans of Wrath,” wherein a coffee junkie goes ballistic when told that her cuppa Joe is being held hostage by a manufactured scarcity in coffee beans; “Creationism” talks about how giant dogs once ruled the earth until they were domesticated by promises of kibble; and “Character Flaw,” a deliciously black fantasy about murdering the obnoxious golf partner who insists on gloating after he trounces you. Other treats include a first-rate salsa recipe, and a wonderfully funny wine-tasting column.

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