Unauthorized Puffed Movie Adaptation

    (Idea + Design Works, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Idea + Design Works LLC

Aaron Owens isn’t crazy about his amusement park job, in which he entertains people in a funny animal costume. But the work is even worse when he’s forced to wear “Puff,” an out-of-date dragon costume which he can’t even get out of without assistance. When he runs afoul of a violent co-worker, he suddenly finds himself trapped in the costume, lost in the big city, having the kind of hellish, yet hilarious night he’ll never forget.

This collection features the cult-hit miniseries that was written by John Layman and drawn by Dave Crosland, a follow-up one-shot, and a new short story. Never mind that it was never actually a movie; the comic obviously endeared itself to some famous fans. Concluding pinups feature art by Frank Quitely, John Cassaday, and other comic luminaries.

— Andy Richardson

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