Tomorrow Man (Vol. 2)

    (Antarctic, 2000)
and Antarctic Press

This black-and-white title from Antarctic Press features Golden and Modern Age versions of Superman avatar Tomorrow Man. The Golden Age incarnation was the embodiment of all the strength and energy of the people of his home planet, which was destroyed by a cadre of robots called the Dominators. The rocket crashed in a field in Kansas, and soon after, Jessica Small - who was bathed in the eerie light from the rocket - became pregnant with the child who would grow up to become the super-hero Tomorrow Man.

The Modern Age version of the title character is the son of a scientist and his wife who sent their child's genetic code into the past to prevent Earth's destruction at the hands of the Dominators. The beam from the future strikes a field in Kansas, and soon after, Patricia Smith becomes pregnant with the child who will grow up to prevent Earth from falling prey to the evil machinations of the Dominators.

Like certain Man of Steel, Tomorrow Man pals around with a black-cloaked vigilante - Night Hunter, and he is aided in his never-ending battle by Tomorrow Girl, Tomorrow Lad, and Team Tomorrow.

Thomas Moudry

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