Contest of Champions II

    (Marvel, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Marvel Characters, Inc.

In this five-issue limited series, representatives of the Coterie, a space-faring race of gamemasters that values physical competition, transport most of the Marvel super-heroes from the Earth to their ship to test their skills against one another. In exchange for providing this entertaining display for the Coterie, the heroes will earn for the Earth the accumulated knowledge the aliens have gathered in their travels. On the surface, it sound like a good deal, but is something more sinister going on behind the scenes? Iron Man certainly believes so, when he finds the entire place crawling with nanites and the Coterie’s offer too good to be true. Before he gets the opportunity to investigate, he’s forced to fight the X-Men’s Psylocke and the members of X-Force. Exciting stuff from Chris Claremont (The Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four) and Oscar Jimenez (Flash, JLA).

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Iron Man vs. Psylocke; Iron Man vs. X-ForceChris ClaremontOscar Jimenez


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Human Torch vs. Spider-Woman; Mr. Fantastic vs. HulkChris ClaremontOscar Jimenez


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Thor vs. Storm; Cable vs. Scarlet Witch; New Warriors vs. SlingersChris ClaremontOscar Jimenez


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Black Panther vs Captain America; Daredevil vs Deadpool; Phoenix vs Thing; Hulk vs Deadpool; Spider-Man vs Domino; Captain America vs Black Panther; Gambit vs Wolverine; Brood Queen possesses RogueChris ClaremontMichael Ryan


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Versus Brood Queen; Rogue vs WarbirdChris Claremont, Glenn HerdlingOscar Jimenez, Michael Ryan, Gregg Schigiel

Book #1

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Reprints Contest of Champions II #1-5Chris ClaremontOscar Jimenez