Justice League of America Super Spectacular

    (DC, 1999)
™ and © DC Comics

(from the publisher)

An extra-sized special collecting some of the greatest stories of the JLA, as well as a classic tale of the Justice Society of America!  This issue reprints the first Justice League story, “Starro the Conqueror” (from 1962’s The Brave and the Bold #28), the classic Adam Strange/JLA team-up “The Planet That Came to a Standstill” (from 1962’s Mystery in Space #75), the JSA’s battle with the Injustice Society in “The Case of the Patriotic Crimes!” (from 1948’s All Star Comics #41), and an offbeat “Time Pool” tale of the Silver Age Atom, “Suddenly...The Witness Vanished” (from 1973’s Detective Comics #432).

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Reprints; 100 pages; ca. 1999Gardner Fox, John Broome, Elliot S! MagginCarmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson, Mike Sekowsky, Irwin Hasen, Arthur Peddy, Bernard Sachs, Alex Toth