Bird: The Tattoo

    (Dark Horse, 2001)
™ and © Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

You can tell from your average issue of Heavy Metal European comics creators are more “mature” when it comes to nudity. There, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the cutest female character is going to lose her shirt by page 5 (and, by page 10, you get the feeling the point of the story was back on page 5). Happily, in spite of its copious amounts of nudity, Bird: The Tattoo avoids these pitfalls.

Although definitely in the “girl-in-peril-who-can’t-keep-her-shirt-on” genre, this story of a haunted heiress on the run is a lot more than a simple suspense thriller. There’s high impact, cinematic action (a silent, two-page sequence that ends with a leap from an open window is wild with panic and kinetic motion), memorable, morally complex characters (in particular, a brother-sister team of twin, redheaded assassins) and stunning art that’s highly reminiscent of David Lloyd. (Either that or David Lloyd has been heavily influenced by European artists.)

— S.A. Bennett

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