Specter 7

 SPE7   (Antarctic, 2003)

ô and © Antarctic Press

The grandfatherly Dr. Specter is no mere mad scientist. Devastated by the premature death of his seven adopted children in a car accident, he is compelled to try to resurrect them. But in exchange for using secret alien technology found by the government, he must pledge to refashion them as a fighting force to combat terrorism.

As fate would have it, aliens have arrived to ravage the Earth, and the teen-age crew of Specter 7 is unleashed against them. However, the conspiracy involving the otherworldly Gastuul Empire runs deep, as this alien race itself wishes to continue its bloodline by dominating the planet. But can these genetically modified youngsters thwart its plans, even as the nations of the globe acquiesce?

In step with the times of geo-political upheaval, this new series is fast on its feet and light in its humor. Jumping into the fray with a tongue-in-cheek take on conspiracy theories, this team is a blend of Gen X-Men powers and manga style. As a one-man show, Babier displays more verve than with his work with Warrior Nun Areala and itís to be hoped that his characters will mature beyond their typecasting.

ó Oliver Chin

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