Blazing Western (Avalon)

    (Avalon, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Roger Broughton

This anthology is derived from events and tales for the Old West. Legendary figures such as Sitting Bull and General George Custer, together with a touch of Native American mysticism, add flavor to the stories. One especially appealing aspect is this series portrayal of Native Americans, who are usually portrayed as unthinking savages in Western comics. Here, they express a range of emotions from love and greed, to hate and anger. Two stories stand out: a first-person Native American point-of-view of the Little Big Horn Battle and a life or death decision for Billy the Kid before he became a notorious outlaw.

Originally published by ACG (America’s Comics Group), the series was recreated in the late 1990s by Roger Broughton under the Avalon Communications Group (ACG—again!) label.

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