Femforce: Claws of the She-Cat

 FCOC   (AC, 2004)

™ Americomics, © AC Comics

This title highlights She-Cat, a member of the all–women super–team, Femforce. She is the personification of the Egyptian cat deity, Sekhmet who bonds with a human female, and together they are She-Cat, possessing cat–like agility, night vision, superior strength as well as nine lives and a feral ferocity.

Two stories that originally appeared in Femforce are reprinted in this book. “Mock Turtle Soup” from Femforce #27 pits the feline fury against an invading army of turtle–like creatures who have been abducting young women to use in their plan to conquer Earth. “Barefoot and Malevolent” from Femforce #16, is part of a larger story that suffers from being taken out of context. However it does illustrate She-Cat's transformation to another host.

Like the rest of the Femforce crew, She-Cat’s adventures are largely an exhibition of sexy poses and flippant comebacks, which is wholly appropriate for the good–girl art genre that most of AC Comics epitomize.

— George Haberberger

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 Dan Eiler, John Golden, Wes CovingtonBill Marimon, Darren Goodhart